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We understand that curly hair can be a challenge. We have put together some ideas to make it easier to manage and style, so you can love your curls as much as we do. Here are the “do’s” and “don’ts” for curly hair:


– When shampooing the hair focus mainly around the root area to prevent dryness

– Apply conditioner only to the mid length to ends, as your root area contains natural oils

– Keep the conditioner on for as long as possible

– Use a wide tooth comb to comb the hair, starting from the ends up

– Regular trims are important to keep those ends nice and healthy

– For drying purposes, use a diffuser which can be attached to your hair dryer

– To prevent frizz when drying, keep the hair dryer on a low heat

– When drying naturally, use a leave-in-conditioner or curl cream to keep it tamed and defined

– Finding the right product can be difficult, seek professional advice to help find the right product for you


– Washing curly hair too often can cause it to dry out more

– Make sure your conditioner isn’t too light, use something slightly heavier to keep the curls in place

– Don’t apply too much product to begin with, you can always add more

– Using a brush can damage fragile curls

– Don’t over thin your hair as this can create fluffiness



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